• Pilot Tested, Pilot Approved

Pilot Tested, Pilot Approved

- MSRP $199 USD -

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Your Fully Functional Handheld Cockpit

The Yawman Arrow is the fusion of a traditional handheld gaming controller and the unique flight controls found on aircraft of all sizes. Designed for precision and versatility, the Arrow brings together a traditional joystick, desktop throttle quadrant, and rudder pedals – and more – all into a handheld form factor.

Designed by simmers for simmers, the Arrow can be your primary controller on your laptop, Android tablet or desktop simulator. Packed with everything you need for the most advanced simulators, the Arrow is designed to be with you wherever you want to fly.

The Arrow is the perfect size for sitting back at your desk or kicking your feet up on the couch and easy to toss in your carry-on for flying on your laptop or Android tablet. The ultra-versatile Arrow is also ideal for the simmer who wants to fly without requiring major hardware investments.

"Very realistic flying is possible with this controller."

Mike G (Professional pilot ATP, CFII/MEI with 13K hours)

“I think a lot of people out there are going to find and see the value in this very, very fast…I'm actually really surprised at how like functional [it is] and it just makes sense.”

Blu Games

"It is the perfect solution for those who need a small form factor controller that can do it all!"

OverKill Simulations

"The most unique controller I have gotten my hands on."


"If you want to take your aviation sim on the road, the Arrow was meant for you."

FLYING Magazine

Mechanically-Linked Triggers

The patent pending technology inside the Arrow unlocks intuitive rudder control with mechanically-linked triggers that makes flight easy in the toughest of crosswinds. It also allows maneuverability while taxiing for takeoff and uncompromised control for helicopter flying.

Precision Controls

The integrated trim wheel maximizes your realism along with two shoulder bumper buttons, a five-button D-pad, and a five-way hat switch for independent drone viewing angles. Also included is a multifunction "six pack" of programmable buttons allowing for endless combinations to control autopilot and other systems.

7 Axes, 21 Buttons

With precision controls in pitch, roll and yaw, the Arrow includes a total of seven fully-programmable sliders, including two vernier-style engine controls like those found on some small piston-powered aircraft. Those same controls are also perfect for large jet spoilers and thrust reversers.


While the Arrow is infinitely configurable with its multi-press capability, we’ve developed recommended profiles for different aircraft types that will help get you up and flying quickly and get the most from your Yawman Arrow. Every function of the Arrow is intended to work seamlessly with the most modern PC flight simulation platforms.

The Arrow is fully compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator on PC, Infinite Flight for Android, Laminar Research X-Plane on PC and macOS, Lockheed Martin Prepar3D, DCS World – and more – as well as non-simulation games that support joystick controls.

Made in the USA

Yawman is proudly designed, manufactured and packaged 
in the United States of America.