Frequently Asked Questions about the Yawman Arrow

Where can I buy the Yawman Arrow?

At launch, the Yawman will be for sale at

How Much is the Yawman Arrow? 

We have not announced pricing at this point but would encourage you to sign-up to receive updates on our progress at to stay informed about our upcoming pre-order campaign.

When can I buy the Yawman Arrow?

We intend to take orders in the spring of 2023. We will not begin pre-orders until we have clear timing on delivery to you.

We have seen lots of delays to the availability of all kinds of different devices over the past few years. What are you doing to make sure your supply chain is ready to deliver?

Yawman is all about creating the best possible controller for flight simulation, but that’s not good enough if we cannot get it into your hands. We have spent just as much time engineering our supply chain right here in the USA as we have designing the Arrow and all its unique functionality.

How big is the Yawman Arrow?

The Arrow is very similar in size to other standard gaming controllers.

What operating systems/platforms will it work with?

The Yawman Arrow is designed for full compatibility with Windows PCs, macOS and Android.

Is the Arrow compatible with Xbox (console or cloud) or iOS?

The Arrow is not designed for compatibility with Xbox and iOS. We know flight simulation is a growing ecosystem with more places to sim than ever, and love that people want the Arrow on Xbox and iOS too.