The Yawman Philosophy

Our guiding principles are simple: Precision, versatility and portability. Just like designing a cockpit from scratch, we had to put ourselves in the mindset of test pilots and aircraft designers. We had to be deliberate about what we, as passionate virtual aviators, wanted to have at our fingertips.

The Arrow isn’t just any controller. We’re not modifying something that already exists, we’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and we believe that it’s time to grow beyond the traditional flying form factors — yokes, throttle quadrants, rudder pedals and joysticks. We know there’s a community of simmers who want to have the same level of precision when they’re on the road (or their couch) or without taking over their desk.

Space is precious on a handheld controller, so taking a lesson from the legendary flight deck designers and human factors experts who brought us modern aviation, we wanted to make sure that every aspect of controlling an aircraft could be relied on entirely with tactile indications on the Arrow.

That means you'll know the position of the throttle or flaps just by the feel of your fingers, deploying spoilers and thrust reversers or engine mixture or propeller control with our unique vernier-style poles, and the balanced deflection of the rudder through our patent-pending mechanically-linked rocker system. We made sure every major function of kinetic aircraft movement (flight controls, brakes, landing gear, propulsion) were all close at hand. 

We didn’t stop there. Our six-button multi-function keypad is only limited by your imagination and can even serve as an autopilot control for the most advanced aircraft. No keyboard or mouse controls are needed once you’re airborne when your focus should exclusively be on flying. Our precision hat-switch and D-pad allow you to immerse yourself in the virtual world around you on your laptop, desktop, VR or Android tablet.

Yawman is designed for all aircraft: from small general aviation aircraft with individual engine controls to helicopters that rely on precision cyclic, anti-torque and collective all the way to high-performance fighter jets and the most advanced jetliners with automatic or manual trim systems. We’ve brought a deliberate precision to making Yawman a multi-function controller that requires no additional software needed to maximize its utility. 

After exhaustive hours of testing, we’ll be rolling out profiles for new aircraft types that will help get you up and flying quickly and get the most from your Arrow. Every function of the infinitely configurable Arrow is intended to work seamlessly with the most modern PC flight simulation platforms on your desktop, laptop and Android tablet.

We know you’ll love your Arrow.