The Arrow is now $199 & now available in Canada!

The reviews have been incredible and our customers are telling us the Arrow delivers on its promise of portability and precision! And we’ve heard from those who are excited about the Arrow, but have found its price out of reach. So, we’ve decided to reduce the price of our Yawman Arrow to $199 USD and also launched sales in Canada to make it more accessible.

Why are we reducing the price? Simply, putting an invention out in the world with truly unique patented capabilities that has never existed before comes with uncertainty. We aren’t cloning something that’s been around for a while or mimicking existing hardware and that comes with a lot of learning.

The original price wasn’t arbitrary. It was chosen at a time when components were scarce, global supply chains were shaky, and inflation was soaring. We closely examined the cost of manufacturing in the United States, which guaranteed that we would be able to deliver quickly to our customers, because we never wanted to accept your money and keep you waiting. We also looked at the advanced yokes, throttle quadrants and rudder pedals, and decided we wanted to make sure the Arrow was priced at less than one of those pieces of hardware on their own.

With this change we’re going to take care of our launch customers. Your loyalty, enthusiasm, trust and patience energizes us. Anyone who purchased the Arrow at our launch price will automatically receive a $50 refund. No action necessary, we’re taking care of it.

Yawman exists to honor the passion of the simming community and has always been what drives us. That remains unchanged. We’re in this for the long haul and we’re excited for you to join us for this journey.


Thomas, Jon & Dwight
Yawman Co-Founders