Yawman celebrates successful debut at FSExpo 2023

HOUSTON – The flight simulator community got its hands on a new way to fly. 

Flight Sim Expo 2023 was the perfect setting to debut the Yawman Arrow, a new controller that brings the familiar controls of an aircraft to a handheld form factor.

“Yawman exists to honor the passion of the flight simulator community and the high expectations it has for its hardware,” said Thomas Nield, Yawman co-founder. "We’re so grateful to the community for an energizing welcome. We’ve been eagerly awaiting this moment, handing the Arrow over to those who we designed it for. The excitement from the community was palpable.”

The Yawman team hosted hundreds of excited simmers at its booth who had the opportunity to get hands-on with the Arrow and the verdict for the portable cockpit controls was unanimous: The Arrow doesn’t just change how you fly, it radically expands where and when you can fly. From the passenger seat on a plane or train to a hotel room or coffee shop – or just a quick (or long) flight at home – the lightweight versatility of the Arrow delivers on its innovative promise.

“I gotta tell you this thing blew me away,” said Youtuber OverKillSimulations about the Arrow on his channel. “I was not anticipating the reaction that I felt for this particular item. It was very, very well designed, it's very ergonomic and extremely ideal for someone who wants to say, do a flight simulator on the go.”

"This is revolutionary. A whole flight sim cockpit in one portable device," said Howard Forder, the Twitch streamer behind ForderLearnToFly. "This is literally a 'gamechanger.'"

Proudly designed, manufactured and packaged in the USA, Yawman is in the final stages of preparing for Arrow deliveries and is now putting the finishing touches on two and a half years of painstaking development and manufacturing work. 

“Our industrial and distribution partners in the USA are nearly ready to begin full production and deliveries,” said Nield. “We look forward to sharing a pre-order date very soon.”

The MSRP for the Arrow is $249 and will be available for purchase at yawmanflight.com and Sporty’s Pilot Shop. Visit yawmanflight.com to learn more or sign-up to receive updates on our progress.

The design of the Yawman Arrow unlocks capabilities never before seen in simming. In addition to controls in pitch, roll and yaw, the Arrow includes seven fully-programmable axes, plus two unique vernier-style engine controls patterned on those found on some small piston-powered aircraft. Those same controls are also perfect for deploying large jet spoilers and thrust reversers.

The Arrow is designed for aircraft of all shapes and sizes: from small general aviation aircraft with individual engine controls to helicopters that rely on cyclic, anti-torque and collective, all the way to high-performance fighter jets and the most advanced jetliners with automatic or manual trim systems. We’ve brought a deliberate precision to making Yawman a multi-function controller that requires no additional configuration software to maximize its plug-and-play utility.

The Arrow is fully compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator on Windows PC, Infinite Flight for Android, Laminar Research X-Plane on Windows PC and macOS, Lockheed Martin Prepar3D, – and more – as well as non-simulation games that support joystick controls.

The Arrow requires one available USB port.

ABOUT YAWMAN: Based in TK, Indiana Yawman LLC is the creation of three passionate aviation professionals: Brothers Thomas and Dwight Nield, both aviation and airline veterans, and real-world aviation media founder Jon Ostrower. The Arrow is Yawman’s first product as it builds a portfolio of unique devices for virtual aviation and beyond.

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