Let's Get Started!


Thank you so much for your purchase of the Yawman Arrow, we’re excited to welcome you to an entirely new kind of flight simulation experience with a one-of-a-kind controller!

The Yawman Arrow is a fully-functional handheld cockpit. There are 21 buttons and 7 axes available for programming the Yawman Arrow. We have added multipress capability optimized for Microsoft Flight Simulator that makes the controller infinitely configurable for everything from basic aircraft function for flying and simulator commands to advanced autopilot interaction. The goal is to radically reduce the need for both keyboard and mouse/trackpad when flying..

The Arrow is incredibly versatile and can be programmed to your personal preference in your simulator of choice. The simplicity of the Arrow lets you grab a few minutes of flying while your desk remains uncluttered. You can take it with you anywhere, letting your passion for virtual flight come with you when you’re at a coffee shop, on an airplane, a train, or in your hotel room. And when flying in virtual reality the Arrow keeps you immersed and hands-on with full aircraft and simulator functionality.

The Arrow is compatible with Windows, MacOS and Android operating systems, allowing it to be used across a variety of devices and simulator platforms. The Arrow has been tested extensively with Microsoft Flight Simulator, X-Plane 11 and 12, Infinite Flight on Android, Prepar3D and DCS World.

Please feel free to dive into our Getting Started and Frequently Asked Questions guide. This will take you through the setup process of your Yawman Arrow. 

Graphical documentation for each default profile we have built for Microsoft Flight Simulator and X-Plane are available at the links below:

As part of your setup, you will have to assign a small dead or null zone within each sim. Every controller, regardless of make or model, requires this as no two units are identical. We deliberately excluded a firmware based center point for the control axes to give you maximum flexibility. Please refer to the Getting Started documentation to guide you through this one-time process.

Refer to the troubleshooting guide to handle common issues. 

To support our MSFS profiles, we have also created a spreadsheet listing of all the assignments for our default profiles. We strongly recommend using this to update to the latest profiles that will be included with the upcoming Sim Update 15.

Please note: The default profile programmed inside of MSFS contains erroneous assignments and will be updated for the upcoming Sim Update 15 expected in March. We have created a streamlined step-by-step guide to bring the default profile up to full and correct functionality. Microsoft is also addressing an issue that currently prevents the typical A, B, X, Y interactions for cockpit switch and button controls found on an Xbox controller from working with the Arrow.

Please feel welcome to contact us directly at info@yawmanflight.com if you have any questions. We will continue to add support content on this page.