Yawman Arrow Documentation & Profiles

The Yawman Arrow control layout.

If you've already purchased a Yawman Arrow, welcome! If you're considering a purchase, we want you to feel free to explore our extensive documentation for the controller which will allow you to see its versatility and inspire your own aircraft and simulator specific profiles.

The Arrow is incredibly versatile and can be programmed to your personal preference in your simulator of choice. The simplicity of the Arrow lets you grab a few minutes of flying while your desk remains uncluttered. You can take it with you anywhere, letting your passion for virtual flight come with you when you’re at a coffee shop, on an airplane, a train, or in your hotel room. And when flying in virtual reality the Arrow keeps you immersed and hands-on with full aircraft and simulator functionality.

The Arrow is compatible with Windows, MacOS and Android operating systems, allowing it to be used across a variety of devices and simulator platforms. The Arrow has been tested extensively with Microsoft Flight Simulator, X-Plane 11 and 12, Infinite Flight on Android, Prepar3D and DCS World.

Please feel free to dive into our Getting StartedFrequently Asked Questions and troubleshooting guide. These guide offers helpful tips for customizing your Arrow, including adjusting the sensitivity or creative ways to interact with different types of aircraft.

Currently, we have plug-and-play profiles for Microsoft Flight Simulator and one for X-Plane 12. The starter profiles in MSFS are designed to get you up and flying quickly, while the advanced profiles, which add functionality like ATC interactions and full autopilot functionality unlock the further potential for the Arrow in your sim.

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator (Starter)
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator (Advanced)
  • X-Plane 11 & 12

    A complete textual spreadsheet for the MSFS default profiles is available here, illustrating all the various functions designed into the Yawman Arrow. The Yawman Team spent 18 months perfecting the default profiles for the Arrow inside Microsoft Flight Simulator and we will be adding new aircraft and simulator specific profiles in the days and weeks to come.

    Please feel welcome to contact us directly at info@yawmanflight.com if you have any questions.